Kata: Production 2016

Anne Nguyen seeks to continue her exploration of the transformation taking place in hip-hop aesthetics by refocusing her search on breakdancing, her preferred discipline. Kata, an ambitious piece for eight breakdancers, sets out to reflect her vision of breakdancing as a “contemporary form of martial arts, created as a means of coping with a hostile urban environment, one that transforms the body through the violence of its shapes and constraints”. Kata will be choreographed from the linear transformations taking place in breakdancing and the action-reaction principle. Currently looking for coproducers.

Cypher: Collaboration with Australia, production 2015

Anne Nguyen support the australien choreographer by acting as playwright and choregraphic adviser to him for his first independant production Cypher. A one-hour show for four Australian breakers and one Australian popper / street artist, Cypher is an “exploration” of the circle ritual in original hip hop. Production in Sydney in 2015.