Become a sponsor of the par Terre Dance Company!

Since its creation, the par Terre Dance Company has not once failed to prove its artistic capabilities. Recognised by professionals and the press, it has carved itself a place in the contemporary choreographic landscape. Winner of the Prix Nouveau Talent Chorégraphie SACD 2013, Anne Nguyen pursues an artistic line of work that shows hip-hop dance in a new light.

What are the advantages for businesses?

We seek to reach out to businesses through an active partnership policy. We are therefore in touch with businesses wishing to lend their support to top-quality artistic endeavours and thus help to enhance your territory’s prestige. The Fondation de France and the Caisse des Dépôts are already committed to our objectives within the context of their respective programmes. We would like to invite you to commit also and thus support young choreographic work by becoming a sponsor. By lending your financial support to the par Terre dance company, you will be working for the interests of the public good and upholding contemporary artistic creation. Your sponsorship is also a way of enriching your communication policy not only in your own home territory, but also internationally, thanks to the many performances the par Terre dance company stages throughout France and abroad. By making a donation to the par Terre Dance Company, you will benefit from tax advantages depending on the law in force in your country of residence. For a closer look at all the privileges and benefits this means for your company, please feel free to contact us.

What are the advantages for individuals?

As a private individual, you can also make a donation to the par Terre Dance Company and thus support the work of young choreographers by becoming a patron.
If you wish to make a donation to the par Terre Dance Company, please feel free to contact us.