À mon bel amour : The ladder

​ A film produced by L’ADN in partnership with CENTQUATRE-PARIS for L’ADN Dance Living Lab. In an unusual interview conducted between a choreographer and a dancer, or perhaps a scientist and an android, the spectator encounters a robot-like being.

Alpha Centauri 4,37

À mon bel amour: in the mirror
​ Created for the European Night of Museums 2020 – digital version, at the initiative of Etablissement Public du Palais de la Porte Dorée in November, 2020.
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Fast Motion – Episode 1: Popping
​ The par Terre Dance Company’s poppers and breakdancers, the Chaillot Grand Foyer and Yoann Lelong’s video camera: our ingredients for a brand new videodance series, Fast Motion.
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“Vue sur les marches” at Théâtre National de Chaillot

​ ​A 360° VR immersion in the middle of 16 famous hip-hop dancers partying hard!
To be seen in Dance of the city warriors


Produced for the collection Fraternité Générale

“Sol” Videoclip