Work-in-progress of bal.exe on We. 5th march 2014 (7.00pm) at CCN de Créteil

Following her residency at CCN de Créteil, Anne Nguyen will reveal to the audience and the professionals a 40-minute work-in-progress: the main picture of the show, set to Brahms’ music, on which the eight dancers execute a “mechanical ball”, as if they obey to a programm which would prompt them to automatically execute their movements in pairs

Work-in-progress of bal.exe on We. 5 march 2014 (7.00pm) at CCN de Créteil. Free entrance with booking (number of seats limited).
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A new hip hop dance in couple

“In bal.exe, I have created for my eight popping specialists a new hip-hop social dance style. I have used the principles, rhythms and attitudes of some kind of social dances like tango, waltz or bachata, to confront them to the mechanical, angular and robotic gestures of popping. Thus, muscular isolations, contractions, blockings and states of body like slow-motion, waves or robotics are executed in a set of question-answer and complementarity facing a partner, in a two-grip posture. By looping the rhythmics and different principles of action and reaction, I have set up new systems of couple dance, in which each dancer moves around his partner’s body. Through this new hip-hop social dance style, a contact to the other, similar to our lifestyles and behaviours, is being developed: individualistic and egocentric, we are extremely dependent on any external occurrence and react quickly to any kind of information. We are also able to invent endless variations to the repetitive processes, which our daily life is made of.”
Anne Nguyen