Press – Square Root

Square Root borders on brilliance, taking elements from breakdance and elevating them to a sophisticated, superior aesthetic plane. Accompanied by a serial piece for the cello, the choreographer puts to music her fluent and beautiful movements and endows them with a monologue of a dark, pulsing density.”
El Pais – Roger Salas (October 25th, 2009)

“Anne Nguyen creates a geometrical game on the empty stage set to demonstrate the principles of hip hop: how to transpose the original hip hop circle into a square; and how to extract its vital substance? The result is, as ever, astute and compelling, the vision of an artist intent on ridding hip hop of its clichés. ”
Télérama Sortir – Rosita Boisseau (June 1st, 2011)

Square Root is the solo piece that made Anne Nguyen first known to the public: a young woman who was as much a mathematician as a dancer, as much an author of prose as of choreographic pieces finely woven around unpretentious hip-hop moves.”
La Terrasse – Nathalie Yokel (February 2012)