Press – Dance of the city warriors

“Astounding: Anne Nguyen’s hip-hop choreography opens up a participatory path, a genuinely immersive space, which sees spectators interact with video images and sounds. A sensory experience where everyone can express themselves freely, inspired by the exuberant movements and unusual poses struck by the dancers. A totally unique dance lesson!”
BubbleMag (September 2016)

“An interactive performance in which the spectators-cum-performers weave their own webs in a virtual journey with many challenges along the way, and plenty of enjoyable, hands-on, fun experiences to indulge in! Sequences abound where the human body and its image enter into play, pushed to the brink, put to the test in a series of playful risk-taking exercises, ending in its transformation, metamorphosis, deformation… In other words, it is seen as never before, through the smoke and mirrors of trickery and virtual machinery, a contemporary deus ex machina of the imagination! Five installations demonstrate that our image is a source of evolution, distorsion and disassociation: we can laugh and share with others, unknown to us, a playful, cartoon-like vision, explore every corner of a tender, poetic virtual space, a universe of technical skill that is at once pro-active and persuasive.”
L’amuse danse – Geneviève Charras (28 October 2016)

“Is it a show? Not really. Is it an installation? It’s more than that. Is it an experience? Absolutely.”
Ballroom – Isabelle Calabre (Sept. – Nov. 2016)

“”An associate artist at Chaillot, this choreographic prodigy is the new front woman of an intelligent, engaged hip-hop dance form: Anne Nguyen brings us Dance of the city warriors according to her manifesto Manual of the city warrior and invites the audience to step into the dancers’ shoes with a series of video installations. Super enjoyable!”
Paris Capitale – Philippe Noisette (September then October 2016)

“Anne Nguyen invites us to step into the body of the hip-hop dancer in this interactive circuit. The expert grammarian of a dance that she has known and practiced for nearly twenty years, the choreographer has devised five installations as a series of sensorial explorations of the hip-hop universe […] Aside from a clear desire to entertain, the Dance of the city warriors serves also as a pedagogical piece, codifying the gestures and styles of a dance all too often deemed as solely instinctive, as illustrated by the resounding success of her work with schools. It is so successful, in fact, that she has travelled the length and breadth of France in order to reach out to a wider audience. We wish its talented author all the very best!”
Danser Canal Historique – Isabelle Calabre (19 October 2016)