Press – À mon bel amour

« Anne Nguyen’s latest piece contains a powerful lyrical statement. […] Her hip-hop choreography probes the very premise of what gives individuals, couples, collective entities their personal and cultural identity. ”In a world where we struggle to agree on values, is it possible to reach a consensus on the idea of beauty?” »
Télérama – Rosita Boiseau (29 November 2019)

« Anne Nguyen is back with a warriors’ dance to beauty, exploring the ways in which the body transcends itself in images and postures to find its true existence. There is not the slightest hint of lyricism or romanticism in Anne Nguyen’s latest piece, despite the title. It is to be perceived rather as a declaration of love and a tribute to dance, the beauty of the physical gesture, an ode to movement and other cultures. […] Daring to expose and claim the body’s identity, the piece questions both the canons of beauty and our ways of existing, while interrogating the spectator’s gaze. »
La Terrasse – Nathalie Yokel (30 October 2019)

« The whole of the stage bristled with hypnotic, unfathomable gestures. Were they mirroring our own? »
Ouest France – Marie-Sophie Lehalle (12 October 2019)