ADN Dance Living Lab

© Craig Whitehead

Launched by CENTQUATRE-PARIS and media outlet L’ADN, L’ADN DANCE LIVING LAB is a 3-day experiment with a new form of artistic creation around major topics carried by the media outlet L’ADN.
Four renowned makers from the performing arts will be brought together and paired with four thinkers in order to create four short pieces in three days.
A creative time that will bring researchers, artists and the audience together, with the ambition of taking another glance at the major issues of our times, via the medium of the performing arts.

Anne Nguyen is invited to create a short piece in collaboration with Mélanie Marcel, engineer, graduate of ESPCI Paris, specialist in wave physics and neurosciences, founder of SoScience.
Dancer : Blondy Mota-Kisoka

Creation from Tue. 3 to Thu. 5 November 2020 at CENTQUATRE-PARIS
Performances on Thu. 5 November 2020 at CENTQUATRE-PARIS
Video restitution on Thu. 3 December 2020 online

More information on the ADN website and CENTQUATRE-PARIS.