A fun educational video game about hip-hop dance
Production Fall 2021

© Yoann Lelong

SKILLZ is an educational video game about hip-hop dance designed to expand the public’s knowledge and understanding of dance and movement, raise an awareness of the diversity of “hip-hop” dance forms and promote the dancers who make up the French hip-hop scene.
The fun, interactive video game SKILLZ is designed to help the public recognize the different hip-hop dance styles by watching footage of famous dancers. Through dance, the public will sharpen its perception of movement and hone its analytical skills.
Hosted on a responsive design website accessible via a computer, tablet or touch-phone, the video game will be made available to the audiences of various theatres and academic or associative partners, and will provide an entertaining accompaniment to the different shows and workshops staged by the par Terre / Anne Nguyen Dance Company. It may be used to build up hip-hop dance awareness on the social networks of theatres and their partners. The video game SKILLZ will enable the public to acquaint itself with most of the dancers having already performed in the different productions staged by the par Terre / Anne Nguyen Dance Company.

Presentation pack available on demand.

A project about transmission and memory

There are very few educational tools on the subject of hip-hop dance. And yet, this complex and multifacted dance culture is often little understood by the public. In the video game SKILLZ, Anne Nguyen sets out to offer the public a tool to expand its knowledge and awareness of hip-hop dance, identify with the hip-hop dancers and acquire the key to an enhanced understanding of the different shows and workshops.
The video game SKILLZ comprises filmed footage of 39 of the best-known dancers in the French hip-hop scene, representing 11 different disciplines of hip-hop dance: breakdance, hip hop freestyle, house dance, locking, popping, top rocking, waacking, voguing, hype, jazz-rocking, krumping… By capturing them in images, Anne Nguyen hopes to create a valuable archived memory of the French hip-hop dance scene. In the video game, the names of the male and female dancers will be cited, together with their dance disciplines, thereby offering the public an initiation into the rich and multifaceted world of urban dance. Anne Nguyen sets out to enrich this archival project over the coming years by adding new dancers and new dance disciplines to the proposed repertoire. In order to achieve this, she hopes to forge ties with various partners, inviting their own local dancers and artists presented during the course of the season.

Principle behind game and subsequent development

The video game SKILLZ consists in acquainting the player with the different hip-hop dance styles. The player will see eight 8-second videos of different dancers, each performing in turn in every game. Each game lasts one minute. The player clicks on the buttons displaying the names of the different disciplines in hip-hop dance: breakdance, hip-hop freestyle, house dance, locking, popping, top rocking, waacking, voguing, hype, jazz-rocking, krumping… A time bar tells the player the time remaining to answer the question. According to the number of correct answers and speed of response, the player is attributed a score, which is displayed on the screen at the end of game play.
The original version of the video game, scheduled for Fall 2021, comprises 15 games. With the aid of new partners, Anne Nguyen then plans to offer the public 60 different 1-minute games, promoting 8 dancers in each game. Each game contains original videos. In total, 39 dancers representing 11 different urban dance styles will be depicted in the video game SKILLZ.


Game concept: Anne Nguyen
Images: Claudio Cavallari
Development: In progress
Dancers, 1st version (created in Fall 2021) : Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim (SonYa), Santiago Codon Gras, Alan Delahaye (William), Magali Duclos (Magalie), Farrah Elmaskini, Cintia Golitin, Tip Goyi Tangale (Tip), Massangila Hugues Lumengo (Yugson), François Kaleka, Karl Libanus (Kane Wung), Pascal Luce (Scalp), Gassama Mahamadou (B-boy Gass), Fabrice Mahicka (B-boy Faboo), Jean-Baptiste Matondo (B-boy John Smith), Blondy Moka-Kisoka, Antonio Mvuani Gaston (B-boy Tonio), Valentine Nagata-Ramos (B-girl Val), Sacha Négrevergne (Sacha Pop), Jessica Noita, Yanka Pedron, Maxime Pliya (Max Loove), Rebecca Rheny (Poca), Rotha Tuy (B-boy Rotha), Lorenzo Vayssiere (B-boy Sweet), Konh-Ming Xiong (B-boy Killa)
Dancers, 2nd version (upcoming, with the support of new partners): Warenne Adien (Desty Wa), Wilfried Ble (Wolf), Yanis Bouregba (B-boy Yanis), Abdou Diarra (Mamson), Linda Hayford, Hakim Hachouche, Yanis Khelifa (Yanou Ninja), Ange Koué, Fabrice Labrana (Fabbreezy), Odile Lacides, Josepha Madoki (Princess Madoki), Mounia Nassangar (Mounia Lisa), Rebecca Pregnon (Pennsatucky), Guillaume Tanjon (Mista O)
Original music: Sébastien Lété, Fabrice Mahicka, Greg Kozo


The par Terre / Anne Nguyen Dance Company is currently looking for partners for this project.

Coproductions:  L’Auditorium Seynod ; Centre de la danse de la Communauté Urbaine Grand Paris Seine & Oise.
With the support of Centre d’Art et de Culture de Meudon.

The par Terre Dance Company is funded by l’Aide pluriannuelle du Ministère de la Culture / DRAC Île-de-France, la Région Île-de-France for “Permanence Artistique et Culturelle” and l’Aide au fonctionnement du Département du Val-de-Marne.
The par Terre / Anne Nguyen Dance Company is in residency at Théâtre de Chevilly-Larue (94) in 2020/2021 and is an associate artist to Auditorium Seynod (74) and Centre d’Art et de Culture de Meudon (92) for 2020/2021, 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.