The dancers

Photo Anne Nguyen Sonia “SonYa” Bel Hadj Brahim
bal.exe, Autarcie (….)

Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim, alias SonYa, studied popping in 2004 under Pascal Luce, then with the Electric Boogaloos. She is also a self-taught waacking specialist since 2011, when the dance was little known to audiences in France. Over the years, she has acquired the vocabularies of soul dancing, locking and hip-hop. Taking part in battles and stage shows alike, SonYa juggles between all these dance disciplines, with a particular focus on popping and waacking. She has been a finalist and has won numerous battles in her preferred disciplines: Express Your Style, Juste Debout, Street Star, Hot Mess, Waacking Summer Sharing… Today, SonYa is a member of the French waacking collective, Ma Dame Paris. SonYa has taken part in stage performances for several French dance companies. She has appeared in shows of the par Terre dance company (PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE, Autarcie (….), bal.exe) and the Hanneton dance company (La Grenouille Avait Raison), with whom she has danced all over the world.

Photo Anne Nguyen Magali Duclos
Autarcie (….)

A specialist of popping, Magali Duclos is a dancer and a choreographer. With her own Dance Company: Compagnie Magali Duclos, she created the soli Jeux d’enfants (2004), Comment Shiva (2009) and Là-Haut (2011), as well as the duet Namaste (2005). Trained in yoga and in ballet, she danced with groups such as Les Daltons, and for choreographers such as Nathalie Pernette, Denis Plassard, Stéphanie Nataf and Mireille Laroche, for director Colline Serreau, for the Käfig Dance Company (Boxe Boxe) and for Fratellini circus. Renowned for her performances in battles (Juste Debout 2004 and 2006). This quartet is her third collaboration with Anne Nguyen, after having performed in Spirit of the Underground and being her choreographic assistant on PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE (2012).

Photo Anne Nguyen Cintia Golitin

Originally from Brazil, Cintia started training in hip-hop dance in 2004. She danced for Dance Companies le Théâtre du voile déchiré, Norma Claire, A part être, Mayemba, Kadia Faraux… Also teaching since many years, she is renowned for her performances in international battles (UK Championships 2011, Juste Debout 2012 – in duet with Sacha Négrevergne).

Photo Anne Nguyen Linda Hayford
Autarcie (….)

Originally from Rennes, Linda Hayford, a specialist of popping, is renowned for her performances in international battles (Juste-Debout, Funkinstylez…). She performs in the piece Roots, choreographed by Marie Houdin from the Engrenage Dance Company (Rennes). She is also part of the Groove Control collective, in a show involving rap, djing, beatboxing and dance. Linda choreographed a duet with her brother Iron Mike.

Photo Anne Nguyen Pascal “Boog Paradise” Luce

Pascal Luce has been teaching for over ten years as a specialist in Popping Boogaloo and Locking. In 2003, he took part in the Funktherapy tour with Popin Pete, Skeeter Rabbit and Disco Dave. He won the battle of St Denis in 2003, the Street Dance Meeting in 2009 and 2010 and the Roots Battle in 2010. In 2007, he was a dancer with the Funk and Styles dance company – with choreography by Ahmed Agouni and Shabba Doo. In 2009, he joined the Point Zéro dance company (Delphine Caron) to perform in the productions Air Pose, 4Soundz in 2011 and MAI in 2012. In 2012, he joined the Rualité dance company (Bintou Dembélé) to perform in the show Z.H. In 2009, Pascal, together with Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim and Farrah Elmaskini founded the crew La Mécanique des Naïfs and staged the show Et au bout du conte.

Photo Anne Nguyen Claire Moineau

With a training in hip hop, as well as a background in classical ballet and modern dance, Claire is choreographer to the Uzumé Dance Company (Namasté, Crescendo, Autrement Moi and Vertige d’Elle). She is also a dancer with the Dance Companies Difé Kako (Chantal Loial) and Arthur Harel, and has worked in collaboration with Sébastien Lefrançois. She teaches regularly at the AscEnDanse Hip Hop association, where she organizes workshops, conferences and dance programmes. Claire is also renowned for her performances in battles (Juste Debout 2004 and 2007 – in duet with Jessica Noita.)

Photo Anne Nguyen Blondy Mota-Kisoka

A popper and a B-boy, Blondy Kioska mainly performs in one-man shows, on stage and in international TV shows, as well as in street shows. He is renowned for his performances in battles (Juste Debout 2010, Red Bull Beat It 2011, 2012 et 2013).

Photo Anne Nguyen Valentine Nagata Ramos
Autarcie (....), Yonder Woman

An internationally renowned B-girl, Valentine danced for Black Blanc Beur, Montalvo/Hervieu, Montalvo/Hervieu, 6° Dimension, and with the crew Fantastik Armada (world champion at BOTY 2004). She appears in MTV dance crew 2005-2006. She won many breakdance battles (BOTY 2007, IBE 2008…). Within her Dance Company Uzumaki, she choreographed her first solo Sadako in 2011. Valentine also worked with Anne Nguyen before, replacing her in the solo Square Root (2007), and dancing with her in the duet Yonder Woman (2010) and in the quartet Autarcie (....) (2013).

Photo Anne Nguyen Sacha "Sacha Pop" Négrevergne

Sacha, a dancer and performer with the dance companies Farid'O (Mistero Buffo, Pays de Malheur) and Massala (A condition), trained in theatre as well as dance, where she developed a taste for the eclectic. She is renowned for her performances in international battles (IBE 2011, Juste Debout 2012 – in duet with Cintia Golitin), in which she also often participates as a jury.

Photo Anne Nguyen Jessica Noita

Progressing from classical ballet to hip hop dance, then venturing into African dance and contemporary dance, Jessica was trained by choreographers José Bertogal and Stéphanie Nataf of the Choréam dance company, with whom she worked for eight years. She then joined the Hamalians dance company (Ibrahim Sissoko and Tip-top), and the Ethadam dance company. She also dances for the Uzumé dance company (Claire Moineau).

Photo Anne Nguyen Matthieu "Stockos" Pacquit

Matthieu was a professional swimmer for many years. He began self-training in hip-hop dance at the age of 14 in Martinique. He is renowned for his performances in international battles (Who is Who 2009, Pop What You Got 2011). He also trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance. As well as being a teacher and a choreographer, he has danced for David Milôme and for several West Indian dance companies.

Photo Anne Nguyen Rebecca "Pocahontas" Rheny

Rebecca started dancing in 1998, learning from her encounters with pioneer French and international dancers. She performs regularly on stage as well as in street shows and battles (Spin-Off 2010). With a keen interest in hip hop dance, she is writing a dissertation on the stakes involved in getting a state diploma in hip hop dance as part of her Master I studies. She has taught since 2004 and is developing an approach to the body through dance while teaching art at therapy workshops.

Photo Anne Nguyen Mélanie Sulmona

After an academic training in ballet, Mélanie started self-training in hip-hop dance at le forum des halles in Paris. She dances for hip-hop Dance Companies Force 7, Choréam and collaborated with many contemporary dance choreographers such as Christine Bastin or Sylvain Groud. In 2005, she created her own Company Côté Corps , in collaboration with Attilio Cossu, within which she choreographed the soli Vertigo and Sur un air de Petrouchka, and the duet Contre Elle, and the trio Urban Beings (with Bouzid Aït-Atmane).

Other members of the Dance Company

Photo Anne Nguyen Bouzid "Zid" Aït-Atmane
PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE (understudy dancer)
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Photo Anne Nguyen Mickaël Bilionniere
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Photo Anne Nguyen Farrah Elmaskini
Autarcie (....) (understudy dancer)
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Photo Anne Nguyen François Kaleka
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Photo Anne Nguyen Yanka Pedron
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Photo Anne Nguyen David "Laos" PHIPHAK
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Photo Anne Nguyen Jimmy "Yudat" Zelou
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