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  • PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE, production 2012. © Philippe Gramard
  • PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE, production 2012. © Philippe Gramard
  • bal.exe, production 2014. © Thomas Bohl
  • Yonder Woman, production 2010. © Philippe Gramard
  • Yonder Woman, production 2010. © Philippe Gramard
  • Autarcie (….), production 2013. © Philippe Gramard
  • Autarcie (….), production 2013. © Philippe Gramard
  • Racine Carrée, production 2007. © Jean Barak

Next dates

  • Kata
  • > Th. 19 October 2017 (8.30pm)
    Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse / Paris (75)
  • Lettres à Zerty
  • > Th. 14 December 2017  (2.30pm) 
    Centre Culturel Jean Houdremont / La Courneuve (93)
  • bal.exe
  • > Su. 17 December 2017 (6.00pm)  
    Palais des Festivals et des Congrès / Cannes (06)
  • Autarcie (....)
  • > Mo. 23 October 2017   
    Serbian National Theatre / Novi Sad (Serbia)
Anne Nguyen founded the par Terre Dance Company in 2005. As a specialist in breakdance*, in the world of hip-hop battles*, a dancer in many hip-hop and contemporary dance companies, and a writer of poetry and prose items about dance. The scientific thought as well as her practice of several martial arts inspire her to conceive choreographic universes that sublimate the hip-hop dance and its essence. By setting precise gestures, geometrical constraints, energy and density contrasts, intertwining of bodies and dance mechanisms, and unexpected occupations of space, she combines a raw, accomplished hip-hop dance with a graphic, pure, destructured choreographic writing. Her choreographic pieces display a complex, precise architecture and reflect the forms and energies that surround human beings in the contemporary world. They combine poetry and mathematics, sensuality and explosiveness.

Cypher: Collaboration with Australia, production 2015

Anne Nguyen support the australien choreographer by acting as playwright and choregraphic adviser to him for his first independant production Cypher. A one-hour show for four Australian breakers and one Australian popper / street artist, Cypher is an “exploration” of the circle ritual in original hip hop. Production in Sydney in 2015.

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