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  • PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE, production 2012. © Philippe Gramard
  • PROMENADE OBLIGATOIRE, production 2012. © Philippe Gramard
  • bal.exe, production 2014. © Thomas Bohl
  • Yonder Woman, production 2010. © Philippe Gramard
  • Yonder Woman, production 2010. © Philippe Gramard
  • Autarcie (….), production 2013. © Philippe Gramard
  • Autarcie (….), production 2013. © Philippe Gramard
  • Racine Carrée, production 2007. © Jean Barak

Next dates

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  • > Sa. 5 November 2016 (8.00pm)
    Centre Des Arts / Enghien-les-Bains (95)

Anne Nguyen founded the par Terre Dance Company in 2005. As a specialist in breakdance*, in the world of hip-hop battles*, a dancer in many hip-hop and contemporary dance companies, and a writer of poetry and prose items about dance, she created the par Terre Dance Company to highlight the principles and energies of hip-hop dance in shows with universal symbolics. Influenced by her scientific background, Anne deconstructs the various hip-hop moves and opens up new areas of expression by setting geometrical constraints. In an extension of her practice of martial arts, she develops choreographic principles that bring hip-hop dancers into contact within their own dance forms. Her choreographic pieces display a complex, precise architecture and alternate between controlled spaces prompting personal interpretations and spaces left to chance, or calling for improvisation, which can be fraught with risks. Based on the combination of a technical, high-performance dance form with highly graphic, pure, destructured choreographic compositions, Anne's productions convey a feeling of abstraction and challenge the place of the human being in the contemporary world. Anne Nguyen has been awarded the 2013 Nouveau Talent Chorégraphie SACD prize.

Autarcie (….) touring in Asia, 2nd stop: Hô Chi Minh

AUTARCIE, Choregraphie Anne Nguyen, Musique originale (composition et interpretation percussions) Sebastien Lete, Lumieres Ydir Acef, Costumes Courreges au Theatre National de Chaillot le 5 decembre 2015. Avec: Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim, Magali Duclos, Linda Hayford, Valentine Nagata-Ramos (photo by Patrick Berger)

Program in Hô Chi Minh:

Tuesday 3 May
3.00 – 5.00pm > Workshop with Anne Nguyen and the 3 finalists of the hip-hop contest organised by l’Institut Français in Vietnam
Sarting from 7.00pm > Hip-hop party at 3A Station

Wednesday 4 May
10.00am – 12.00pm > Workshop with Anne Nguyen
7.30pm > Opening with the 3 finalists of the hip-hop contest, then Good Morning Vietnam and Urban Dance Group
8.15pm > Announce of the winner by Anne Nguyen, President of the jury
8.40pm > Autarcie (….) at Ben Thanh Theatre

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